Effect of Utilization of Bamboo Fiber and Gypsum Substitution as Cement Against Strong Concrete Press


  • Daniel Rizsky Tambunan Civil Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Mercubuana University
  • Acep Hidayat Civil Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Mercubuana University


Alternative, Bamboo Fiber, Waste Gypsum, Concrete, Strong Press


Bamboo Fiber is one of the materials that can be alternative as an added material to increase strong concretepress. The  gypsum waste comes from the disposal  of household flatfon dismantling, which becomes  one of the added materials in the manufacture of cement. The use  of both materials as concrete mixture subtitution is expected to reduce environmental pollution and exploitation of natural resources. This research aims to find out the influence of the use of SB   as fiber  and  LG as cement subtitution  semen on concrete mixture against strong concrete press. The study used a mixture of SB   of 1%, 1.5%,  2%,  and 3%of cement weight, as well as LG  as much as 3%,and5% of cement  weight. Strong press testing was conducted on the  14th and  28th days. The result of this study is that the higher percentage of  SB  and  LG  workability is decreasing. Strong press testing shows that all variations have a strong press yield of 1%B3%G above the normal concrete press strength and the rest under normal concrete. The highest press strong value is derived from the variation of 1%B3G with a mixture of 1%SB  +  3%  LG which is 20.81  MPa.


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